On the first occasion I tried Ultra Smooth Sea Polish I was expecting it to work, but not to the extent that it did. What happened on my first try was just amazing, I was shocked to say the least, and I have to say, slightly embarrassed by the results that I got, only because you could see the results straight away, I was hoping for a gradual effect.
I used it as per instructions and believe me, it worked. I felt and looked younger, no joke, it worked that well that I only use it about once a week, as I don’t want a dramatic change.
My skin felt different and it was like I magically appeared high cheekbones, fantastic, even my daughter was shocked at how quickly it worked.
You hear about these different creams and stuff that could do this or do that to take years of you, but never really get the results you want, well with this you do, or I do at least, maybe everyone is different, different skin types etc,.
And this might not be written the way normal reviews are, but it’s my review and it’s all true.