I never normally write reviews but I had to with this product. I have suffered with acne for many years and have tried all of the cleansers. You name it, I’ve tired it. But I often found them to be very drying and did nothing for my acne.In fact, it would often cause me to scar. I have been on and off antibiotics most of my young adult life but was tired of taking them so wanted to try something new. I actually came across this face wash by accident as I was looking into laser treatment, but was too scared to do it, and thought I would give this cleanser a go. Well, this is the best cleanser I have ever used! My skin now is never oily and does not feel tight after i’ve washed it. I also use their toner and my skin has improved a great deal. At first it was only subtle, but after a month my skin has noticeably got better. The acne on my cheeks and chin has gone down tremendously and the scarring has also disappeared. I cannot recommend this product enough! Yes I still get the odd spot and sometimes a small breakout, but compared to what I experienced before, my skin feels and looks amazing.