10 Facts about Advanced Pulsed Light Treatment for Acne

Posted on 01 Jun, 2011

Don’t wait to get acne treated; with the developments made in treating the skin condition, there is no need to suffer any longer. Here are 10 facts about the acne treatment offered by The Laser Treatment Clinic in London:

1. If acne is left untreated, the likelihood of scarring is increased.

2. Advanced Pulsed Light Treatment destroys the bacteria that result in infection and spots.

3. The treatment also encourages healing as the light heats up the skin and stimulates the production of collagen.

4. The most common areas for treatment are the face, neck, back and chest.

5. A full facial treatment can be completed in as little as twenty minutes.

6. The treatment does not cause any marks on the skin, as it acts on the dermis, below the epidermis.

7. Whilst patients do feel a sensation rather like an elastic band being snapped on the skin, the procedure is relatively painless.

8. There is no need to hide away after the acne treatment – skin may be slightly red, but requires no healing time.

9. A course of acne treatment will result in an improved appearance and skin texture.

10. Visible improvement can be possible from the first treatment.