10 things you can do to make laser hair removal more effective

Posted on 03 Aug, 2012

If you are considering laser hair removal treatment as a long-term solution to unwanted body hair, there are certain things you should know about that could make your treatment more effective. These tips include:

1. Have realistic expectations. Laser hair removal treatment is effective and its results are impressive, but there is still the chance that a few hairs will be missed. This will require only a ‘touch-up’ treatment, later on, so don’t be disappointed if you spot a few hairs after your first course of treatment.

2. Be prepared for any discomfort. If you are very sensitive to pain, talk to your laser treatment specialist about your pain-alleviating options.

3. Choose a laser hair removal London clinic with a great reputation

4. Be wary of choosing a clinic based on deals, offers or ‘bargain’ prices – they may not provide the best service

5. Make sure you get a consultation before any treatment takes place

6. Avoid using fake tan before your treatment

7. Adhere to all advice about shaving or using depilatory cream before your treatment

8. Don’t wax or epilate between treatments

9. Let your laser treatment specialist know about any concerns you may have – this will help treatment go more smoothly

10. Use all aftercare products and heed all the advice you are given following your treatment.