20 million tattooed people in the UK

Posted on 06 Mar, 2012

It is thought that at least twenty million people in the UK are currently sporting a tattoo. The numbers of tattoo parlours are on the rise, proof of the increasing demand for tattoos. Tattooing has become more popular in recent years, and the ever-increasing accomplishment of tattoo artists has led to many considering it to be an art form in its own right.

It would seem that the craze for tattoos was sparked by people in the public eye. Actors, musicians, television and sports personalities have all inspired the rest of us to go out and do the same. As a result, more people have visible, numerous and extensive tattoos which are used to adorn and communicate.

As with all fashions, however, the popularity of tattoos may wane; existing tattoos are here to stay, trapped between the layers of the skin. While many may continue to treasure their tattoos, others may find that after a while their tattoos embarrass them and are no longer wanted.

Once tattoo regret has set in, removing it may seem to be the only possible solution. In this case, laser tattoo removal offers an effective and safe way to get rid of those embarrassing tattoos!