40% of women affected by excessive facial hair

Posted on 26 Mar, 2012

It is thought that almost half of all women (40%) grow facial hair to some extent, and a survey from last year suggests that the appearance of such hair is far from welcome.

Nearly a third of those women questioned about their facial hair said that it had been the cause of clinical depression, 40% thought it had affected their ability to form personal relationships and 25% believed that their facial hair had affected their chances of professional promotion.

While many women are willing and able to accept their facial hair, others can suffer considerable distress because of this rather noticeable problem. Hair is difficult to camouflage, and many of the traditional hair removal methods can be unsuitable for the face.

It is important, however, to deal with the problem before it starts to have severe consequences such as depression. Treatments such as electrolysis can offer permanent relief, although electrolysis treats each hair individually and can, therefore, prove to be expensive and time-consuming.

IPL is another option, offering fast and permanent hair reduction, without damaging the skin on the face. The light energy causes the hair root to vaporise and the hair to fall out of its follicle, making it an effective solution for the removal of unwanted hair.