5 tips for acne prone skin (2)

Posted on 17 Apr, 2012

Following on from the last article, here are tips 3-5 for acne prone skin:

3. Acne treatments
Medical treatments for active acne can take different approaches, and most people will find that some are more effective than others. Treatments can also have some undesirable side effects such as dry or flaky skin, while others require your doctor to monitor your health for the duration of the treatment.

4. Sun
While getting a tan may make you feel more attractive and may seem to have a beneficial effect on your spots, it is always important to remember that these effects are only temporary. It is much more important in the long-term to protect your face from exposure to the sun. Sunlight causes premature ageing of the skin and can irritate skin that is already inflamed, so make sure you use a sunblock to protect the delicate skin.

5. I.P.L.
Intense Pulsed Light can offer real relief to those suffering from acne. It works by targeting the bacteria present on the surface of the skin that can cause infection and inflammation. Eliminating these bacteria reduces the risk of red and painful spots as well as the risk of scarring.