A better understanding of stretch marks

Posted on 27 Sep, 2009

One of the nightmares that people face is getting those awful looking stretch marks on their body. Stretch marks are formed due to the overstretching of skin, mainly when a person puts on weight quickly. There are certain myths about stretch marks that need to be cleared. Only by clearing these misunderstandings will you learn how you can get rid of stretch marks. By having a better understanding of stretch marks.

Most people are under the impression that stretch marks are formed only on pregnant women. This is a clear misunderstanding as stretch marks can be formed on any person irrespective of their age, sex, etc. As it is caused due to the stretching of the skin, it does not mean that it will only be formed only on pregnant women.

A large number of people believe that by applying moisturiser creams they can remove the stretch marks that they have on their bodies. Moisturiser creams are helpful only to moisturise only the upmost layer of the skin whereas stretch marks appear in the inner layers. There is a certainty that the use of moisturising cream can help to avoid stretch marks but surely does not help to remove the existing one.

Most people use the creams available to get rid of the stretch marks. There are different creams available for different types of marks. Thus, the type of marks should be identified before using the creams.

The best solution for stretch marks

The best way to get rid of stretch marks is with the help of laser treatment. It helps to completely remove any type of marks in a short period of time. Thus, if you want your skin to be smooth, beautiful and stretch mark free, laser treatment is the key.