A closer look at laser stretch mark removal treatment

Posted on 08 Sep, 2010

Stretch marks are a nuisance for many individuals. Stretch marks are caused due to pregnancy, obesity and strenuous exercise associated with sudden weight gain or weight loss. Laser treatment for stretch mark removal is the best procedure to get rid of those undesirable marks.

The procedure

The procedure involves the use of high-intensity laser beams that remove upper layers of skin surrounding the stretch marks. Lasers used for stretch mark removal do not burn or cut the affected areas of skin. Instead, the intense ultraviolet rays dislocate the molecular bonds in the dermis. This leads to the disintegration of skin tissues – a process known as ablation. Once the procedure is complete, new layers of skin will appear shortly. Laser stretch mark removal is the only method that gives complete freedom from stretch marks.


Some patients might suffer from mild redness of the skin immediately after the procedure. This goes within a day or two and is not a cause of worry. Healing does not take more than a couple of days.

Results of the treatment

Laser stretch mark removal is effective in almost all cases. Results of the treatment depend on the severity and age of the stretch marks. Stretch marks that have been present for a long time take a longer time to heal.

Benefits of laser stretch mark removal

The treatment is safe and extremely successful. It takes less time, is cheaper and involves fewer complications than other surgical procedures.