Acne caused by pregnancy

Posted on 04 Nov, 2011

Even if you usually have no problems with spots or acne flare-ups, pregnancy can turn everything on its head, and you may find that your complexion regresses to that of a teenager.

Your body starts to produce massive amounts of progesterone during pregnancy, and this in turn stimulates the production of sebum. If too much sebum is produced, it can block hair follicles and lead to spots appearing.

The problem for pregnant women is that many acne treatments cannot be administered during pregnancy. Some oral treatments can cause birth defects, while other topical treatments can still be absorbed into the blood and passed on to the baby.

Rather than take any risks with the health of the mum to be or her child, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before going ahead with any acne treatment.

In the meantime, problem skin can be tackled gently by using the appropriate skincare products that have been designed for the job. It is important not to use products that are too harsh and can strip the skin of their natural oils. The body could respond by producing even more, which would cause the problem to worsen.