Active acne can come and go, influenced by hormonal changes or environmental factors that can cause spots to flare up and make our lives difficult.

Break outs can be controlled, but acne can leave an unwelcome reminder behind on our skin. If inflammation and infection has occurred, then sometimes the surrounding tissue is also damaged and can be permanently destroyed.

When the redness subsides, a scar is often left in its place. Acne scars are commonly depressed or ‘pitted’ in appearance, and may be red in colour. While the colour should eventually fade, the scar does not fill in and disappear.

Scars such as these can be difficult to conceal and can cause real embarrassment to people, long after the spots have disappeared. Luckily, microdermabrasion can help to greatly improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

This procedure works by removing the damaged superficial layers of the skin, revealing fresh, smooth and healthy new skin beneath the surface. It is done using extremely fine, medical grade crystals that are applied to the skin under pressure.

The dead skin cells and used crystals are removed, leaving a more radiant complexion behind. Scarring becomes less noticeable and the skin tone and surface more even.