Acne treatment or camouflage?

Posted on 28 Dec, 2011

A nineteen-year old Californian teenager has taken the brave step of exposing her acne-prone skin to the world, so that she can then demonstrate how to cover it up.

The girl suffers from acne that affects her face, neck, chest and back, and explains in the video she posted herself on YouTube just how much the skin condition affects her emotions and self-confidence.

She then goes on to show how various layers of make-up can help to camouflage these persistent blemishes. Concealing spots caused by acne can be one way of dealing with the problem, although it always important to make sure that the cosmetics you use do not aggravate the problem further.

The same goes for skincare products; a common mistake made by acne sufferers is suing products that are far too harsh for their delicate skin. These products can strip the skin of their natural moisture, stimulating the production of sebum and resulting in increased spots.

Laser acne treatment can provide an effective approach to improving your skin’s condition. The light heats up the skin, along with the bacteria that are present on the surface. These bacteria are harmless unless they start to proliferate, in which case they can cause inflammation and infection. The IPL eliminates the bacteria thus reducing the likelihood of angry red spots.