Star of popular TV programme Glee, Naya Rivera, has revealed that she suddenly started to suffer from acne at the age of twenty four.

She claims that, having been lucky enough to have had clear skin all her life, her adult acne came out of nowhere. As an actress, her acne made her feel extremely self-conscious, and she found it difficult being scrutinised by make-up artists.

Acne can make all of us feel uneasy and embarrassed, regardless of whether we have high profile jobs or not. It can have a detrimental effect on our self-confidence and self-perception, and for those who develop severe acne, the results can be catastrophic.

More and more adults are starting to develop acne in adulthood, even those who have not had any previous problems. This trend has been linked to our stressful modern lifestyles, changes in hormones and even diet.

A variety of treatments are available, and individuals may find that different approaches work for them. Laser acne treatment targets the bacteria present on the surface of the skin that can be responsible for the inflammation and infection that is so damaging to skin.