Advances in laser technology now make it possible to treat all skin tones

Posted on 30 Oct, 2009

Laser skin treatments have become extremely popular over the last few years. The reason for this is that it offers many benefits compared to other older methods. Laser skin treatments are less painful, performed more quickly and the results and recovery period are also much faster.

Technological advances have resulted in laser skin resurfacing becoming ideal for people of all skin types. Previously, people with tanned or darker skin regularly suffered from excessive peeling and skin burns. However, with the latest advances in laser treatment, it is now suitable for black skin.

Darker skin has a tendency to develop keloids and pigmentation of the skin, which makes it difficult to use laser treatment. For instance, removing eczema scarring and acne whilst retaining an even skin tone used to be extremely difficult. However, advances in laser technology have made laser treatment for black skin not only possible, but scarring can now be lightened and blended in with the natural skin tone.

Another area of laser treatment for black skin that has seen a great deal of improvement recently is hair removal. Previously, people with light skin tones and dark hair were considered the best candidates for laser hair removal treatments.

However, now even this type of laser treatment is available for black skin with minimal risks.