Laser hair removal treatment can be tremendously effective at getting rid of excessive and unwanted body hair. This is why it is so popular, leading to thousands of men and women every day making appointments with laser hair removal London clinics.

There are certain things you need to know before getting the treatment, however. The following advice will help you to get the best from your experience:

• Make sure you get a thorough consultation with a specialist before getting any treatment
• Avoid waxing, epilating or tweezing (anything that involves ripping hair out at the roots) for around six months before your treatment
• Avoid using fake tan for a while before your treatment
• Follow all guidance about shaving or using depilatory cream immediately before your first treatment
• Between treatment sessions, avoid pulling hair out at the roots
• Communicate with your technician at all times, letting them know any fears and worries and also letting them know about any pain you may experience
• Expect a small amount of pain or discomfort during the treatment (similar to the sensation of tweezing multiple hairs at once)
• Only apply the after-care products recommended by your laser hair removal specialist