Ageing skin can be revived by laser treatment

Posted on 18 Dec, 2009

Many people wonder how laser technology can improve skin quality. The fact is that laser treatment works in the most efficient in solving skin problems. The laser skin treatment is fast becoming in known as the safest effective option for rejuvenating prematurely ageing skin. It does not involve needles, knives or plastic surgery.

As we age, our skin texture and shape changes. The changes occur majorly due to hormonal alteration as people get older. They also happen because skin looses its natural capability of producing new skin. The collagen and elastin fibres which are present in your skin start losing life and thus the onset of wrinkles takes place. The capacity of a body to regenerate cells slows down which leads to darkening of some areas.

The process of regeneration basically means altering or removing the outer layer of skin which is old.

How resurfacing works

The laser aims at very specific areas like parts of the face or neck where treatment is required. The laser machines concentrate a very thin but high energy light beam on the aforementioned parts. The method helps to remove ageing cells as well as stimulate repair and heal the cells.

Once the treatment is complete, the results can last for quite a while. You will notice that your skin feels tighter and lifted up. There are less wrinkles and smoother skin after the treatment. The discolouration can also become much more reduced.