It’s funny, but the celebrity tattoos that have taken the art into the mainstream and obliterated the old association with sailors and prisoners are still consistently being airbrushed from magazine photos. It would seem that they are not always a welcome sight!

And in the real world, where airbrushing is not a possibility, tattoos could cause problems for those who don’t want to look at them. Despite the fact that there are more people with tattoos than ever before, there are many employers who are reluctant to employ people with visible tattoos.

Many of those who get a tattoo may find that rather than having something to be proud of, they have created an obstacle for themselves that is not easy to overcome. Tattoos are designed to be permanent, and there is no airbrush that can remove them easily and without pain.

Laser tattoo removal is the best bet for getting rid of an offending tattoo. Effects are accumulative and a course of treatment is necessary, although the number of sessions will depend on the size, colours and complexity of the tattoo. It can be very effective, however, and is probably the best method available for the removal of tattoos.