All round treatment of acne scars with laser acne scar removal

Posted on 28 Jul, 2010

Acne scars are the result of consistent acne on the skin and are generally permanent. It is very difficult to heal acne scars. However laser acne treatments can help.

What laser beams do?

Laser beams come in different intensity of wavelengths and the required duration of light pulses to suit different skin conditions. They are capable of killing acne causing bacteria and reconditioning the skin.

Some patients might require milder treatments while some require intense treatments that have to be carried on for a longer period of time. This is a very effective process compared to other scar removal treatments. Depending on the severity of the scars, the time required for the healing process can be different. Laser acne treatments remove acne and fade the appearance of the scars.

One form of laser therapy uses an ablative laser that will be used for skin resurfacing. In this procedure, the laser heats the top layer of the skin tissue. This will target the affected area with scars which will cause it to break down and vanish.

Another part of the same treatment uses laser beams to target acne scar lesions. This process also eliminates any bacteria that may be left underneath the scar. This treatment not only helps in the elimination of harmful bacteria but also reduces the secretion of sebum containing oil in the skin glands.