An innovative method for getting rid of unwanted hair

Posted on 25 Mar, 2011

There is now a permanent solution to the problem of unwanted hair growth. Doctors now suggest a laser treatment which ensures that the hair does not grow back at the undesired spot ever again. Laser hair removal treatment leaves your skin feeling smooth.

How does it work?


The laser beam of light is passed through the skin during this procedure. The heat from the beam then burns the hair particles and rids the skin of the excess hair. The new hair follicles need to match the skin tone correctly; therefore we should get this treatment done only from a medical professional.

The skin tone and hair pigments vary with every individual. It is, therefore, necessary to discuss all these issues beforehand. Shaving, waxing or even using a hair removal cream will show results for only a few days, with laser hair removal the hair can be permanently removed.

To stop the growth of the hair, the laser beam burns the hair follicle for its roots. It ensures that the hair does not grow back on the same spot again. The laser procedure requires a number of sessions in order to achieve long-lasting results.

Facial hair, the hair on the back and other unwanted have always been a cause for concern. Now with the invention of laser treatments for hair removal, it is no longer a reason to worry. Hair removal is an easy and pain-free procedure. We will need to keep the area clean and dry so that there is no worry of infections.