As the popularity of tattoos is increasing, so is the demand for laser tattoo removal treatments. Laser tattoo removal is the only treatment that gets rid of permanent tattoos. If you are to opt for this surgery then here are a few things about laser tattoo removal treatment you should know.

Opt for a consultation

Consultation is the first step one should take. Many individuals simply decide to have treatment. At a consultation, they will test the health of your skin and then recommend products accordingly.

Laser tattoo removal – the actual procedure

An intense laser beam is used to break down the tattoo ink. This ink is broken into small particles and these are absorbed by the body as new layers of skin cover the treated area.

You might notice immediate whitening of your skin after the treatment. However, this effect does not last longer than a few minutes.

Tattoos on which laser treatment works best

There are two types of tattoos – single colour and multi-coloured tattoos. Multi-coloured tattoos are difficult to remove completely compared to the single coloured ones. Green, yellow and purple is the colours in multi-coloured tattoos that are hardest to remove.