An insight into stretch mark removal laser treatment

Posted on 02 Oct, 2009

Want to get rid of your stretch marks? If yes, the laser stretch mark removal treatment is what you need. Stretch mark removal with a laser is a very advanced method of removing stretch marks. It is a reliable and sophisticated treatment assuring quick removal of stretch marks. It can be a little expensive but causes less pain than other treatments.

Stretch marks are caused due to the expansion of the middle layer of the skin during weight gain or pregnancy. They occur on the thighs, arms, waist and stomach area. Stretch marks appear as pink and purple lines know as threads. Stretch marks do not cause health problems but can be unpleasant to look at and make a person feel uncomfortable.

The procedure of laser stretch mark removal involves the use of a beam of light which carefully removes the layers of the scarred skin with ultraviolet rays. It leaves the skin looking red and feeling tender once completed. It forces the body to develop a new layer of skin in its place. The redness and soreness soon go after the treatment is finished.

Laser stretch mark removal is a non-invasive surgery with hardly any risks. The numbers of treatments that you will require vary depending on the severity of the stretch marks. Newly formed stretch marks can be treated easily. Matured scars that are white in colour take time to treat with longer procedures, but can effectively help in reducing its appearance over a period of time.