It can be very disappointing to finally get to grips with your active acne only to find that you have been left with angry red scars that are difficult to conceal.

Acne often causes tissue damage that results in scarring; when inflamed follicles rupture, infection can spread and some skin tissue can be permanently lost. This explains the depressed appearance often associated with acne scarring, while the redness is due to the inflammation caused by infection.

Foundations and concealers can help to hide the scars from view, but for many people this does not offer a satisfactory solution. If this is the case, then it may be worth exploring the other options that are available:

Microdermabrasion is used to provide a deep exfoliation for the skin using a pressurised stream of tiny medical-grade crystals. The damaged superficial layers are gently and uniformly removed in order to reveal the new, undamaged cells beneath. Skin texture becomes more even, and the appearance of pores and red patches are reduced.

• A laser is then applied in order to stimulate collagen production and the healing process to boost skin renewal.