A lot of people have trouble with thread veins, which mainly tend to affect the legs and the face. The causes of thread veins are not really known, but temperature changes, hormonal changes, prolonged standing, smoking and alcohol are all possible causes.

Thread veins are highly visible through the skin, being purple, red or blue and dilated in their appearance.

If you have thread veins, you may feel self-conscious about them and want to cover them up. This may be bearable in the chilly winter months, but it can be a real pain when the warmer summer weather comes around.

On foreign holidays, you may want to cover up on the beach and by the pool because of your thread veins, when you really should be enjoying the sunny weather and staying cool in lighter clothing.

There is a solution to thread veins

Wouldn’t you enjoy life more and feel more confident about yourself if you could get rid of your thread veins and wear all the clothes you like? Well, there is now a solution available in the form of laser treatment. This involves using a specialist laser to heat the blood and cause thread veins to collapse, without damaging the surrounding skin.