Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that can seem to appear out of the blue. Millions of people are affected by rosacea, but who is at risk of developing the condition?

• Most people who develop rosacea are aged somewhere between thirty and sixty years old.
• Women are more likely to develop the condition than men.
• People with fair skin are more likely to be affected by rosacea.
• People who have been using cortisone cream on their faces for a long period of time can also be at an increased risk of developing rosacea.

When it first appears, rosacea can seem like an increased tendency to flush or blush, and as such, may not be diagnosed immediately.

As the condition progresses, however, it usually becomes clear that a flare-up has been triggered by some factor. Each individual tends to have their own triggers, although common ones include spicy foods, alcohol, extremes of temperature and stress.

Certain medication can also worsen flushing if rosacea has already appeared.

Once someone has developed the skin condition, they must learn to manage the symptoms, as it cannot be permanently cured. Rosacea treatment can help to reduce those symptoms that can be problematic: thread veins and redness.