Most women get the odd stray dark hair growing out of their chin, and many find that the hairs on their upper lip gets darker as they get older. Odd hairs or small areas can be cleared using tweezers or specially-designed hair bleaches, although some women find that this causes the hairs to grow back apparently darker and thicker than before.

When facial hair growth becomes problematic, however, traditional methods of hair removal are simply not effective enough. Either they cause skin irritation or ingrowing hairs, or they are messy, time-consuming and regrowth needs to be removed frequently.

So, what can you do to tackle the problem of excess facial hair? Ideally, you will want to achieve permanent hair removal quickly, and Intense Pulsed Light treatment can offer just that. Like electrolysis, the treatment is designed to destroy the hair at the root as well as the follicle itself, making regrowth highly unlikely.

Unlike electrolysis, I.P.L. can treat larger areas more quickly as it is not limited to treating hairs individually. When the light is applied to the skin, the darker hairs absorb the light energy which travels down the hair shaft to the root causing instant elimination.