Are you ready for summer?

Posted on 01 Jun, 2011

Everyone appreciates the warmer weather that summer brings with it. Some people, however, may not enjoy it quite so much. Sunshine and warmth mean most people in London will be walking around in skirts and shorts and baring their legs. This, of course, means keeping legs hair-free, which means frequent shaving or regular waxing.

There is an alternative, however. The Laser Treatment Clinic uses a clinically proven system to permanently remove hair quickly and safely, and is suitable for use on leg hair, but also on the face, bikini, underarm, back and shoulders.

If summer clothes make you feel self-conscious about your body hair, or if you find the hair removal rituals time-consuming, then consider laser hair removal for a permanent solution. The Laser Treatment Clinic uses the best and latest technology to provide the most effective laser hair removal London has to offer.

Results are accumulative, but leg hair removal treatment can take as little as 60 minutes. Imagine never needing to shave or wax your legs again, and being able to throw on a skirt or pair of shorts without worrying about whether you need to epilate first…