Are you sure you want that new tattoo?

Posted on 22 Sep, 2011

A 2010 survey found that 39% of people in the UK already had a tattoo, while another 32% were thinking about getting one.

Amateur tattoos are definitely to be avoided. Trusting an unqualified individual to brand your skin with indelible artistry is taking a huge risk you may regret. While tattoo removal is always possible, if you have an amateur tattoo, you are also increasing the risk of infection.

Cosmetic tattoos should be considered with caution. Eyeliner, lip liner or blusher will be very noticeable if it goes wrong. You have to be sure you absolutely trust the tattoo artist and that you will not change your mind about your new look.

Professional tattoos can be well-executed and look great, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that the tattoo studio meets strict hygiene requirements. It’s also your responsibility to ensure your decision is based on careful thought rather than impulse, or you may come to regret it.

Laser tattoo removal is possible, although it does take time and results can vary. Single-coloured tattoos, particularly black ones, are usually removed with more success. Multi-coloured tattoos including green, yellow or purple pigments are the hardest to remove, although it is not clear why.