Some women are wonderfully stoical about the changes that age and motherhood bring to their bodies: some talk of ‘badges of honour’, a reminder of what their body has been through and the experiences that have shaped it.

For other women though, stretch marks spell the end of an era; no more itsby bitsy bikinis or fashionable cut-out swimsuits, no more short skirts or shorts… For some, the problem may be so bad that it can cause problems even in the context of a relationship, such as the detrimental effect on self-confidence.

If you are unable to embrace your stretch marks despite all the rational arguments as to their relative lack of importance, then make sure you do something about them before they do have any psychological impact.

Stretch mark removal can be very effective at reducing and improving the appearance of stretch marks using a combination of microdermabrasion and laser therapy. Damaged layers of skin are removed and skin renewal and collagen production are stimulated, allowing your skin to throw off those marks. You will be able to wear what you like without worrying about your ‘badges of honour’ being on display.