At last…an anti-ageing treatment that doesn’t involve surgery

Posted on 05 Aug, 2012

As you age, your skin inevitably becomes less firm, flexible and smooth than it used to be, especially the skin on the face. For some people though, the effects of ageing on their skin can be much worse.

If you smoke, consume a lot of alcohol or love to sunbathe (or a combination of the three), you may find that your lifestyle starts to take its toll on your skin. You may notice more wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation spots, or maybe a generally reduction in the fresh appearance of your skin.

Many people with prematurely aged skin turn to cosmetic surgery to give them a younger, fresher looking appearance. Before you take this very drastic step, why not take a look at some of the other treatments that are available?

One of the best anti-ageing solutions for older skin is laser treatment. Specialist clinics use a combination of laser therapy, ultrasound therapy and microdermabrasion to clear the complexion, boost the collagen in the skin and generally make skin much look younger.

People who have had laser treatment often notice the following positive results:

• Refined skin texture
• Reduction in the appearance of large, open pores
• Improved skin tone and even pigmentation
• Suppler, more elastic skin