Avoiding acne breakouts this summer

Posted on 14 Jun, 2012

Despite a popular belief that exposure to the sun is beneficial for acne-prone skin, the summer months can spell disaster for those who struggle with active acne. Sebum production increases as the temperatures rise, thus increasing the risk of pores becoming blocked and inhibiting skin cell renewal.

Wearing sunscreen that leaves an oily film on the surface of the skin can also make matters worse, although it is essential to apply sun block on a daily basis. Spotty skin may tend to be naturally oilier, but this does not protect it from the ageing and drying effects of the sun, which can irritate the skin.

A thorough skincare regimen using effective but gentle skincare products will be essential for a healthy complexion, but if this just is not enough to keep the blemishes at bay, then I.P.L. can offer a solution.

The treatment involves applying intense pulses of light to the skin in order to eliminate the bacteria present on the surface. This reduces the likelihood of inflammation and infection and gives the skin’s renewal process a bit of a boost, helping existing blemishes to heal and preventing new ones from appearing.