Avoiding scarring caused by acne

Posted on 15 May, 2012

Anyone who has suffered from active acne will understand just how difficult it is to resist the temptation of squeezing spots. Despite your best intentions to treat your skin gently, it sometimes feels like your skin is letting you down, leading to frustration and the inevitable picking or popping.

Unfortunately, however, this is the best way to make things worse… Spots that are inflamed or infected run the risk of scarring anyway, but squeezing them will only make the scarring even more likely.

When you squeeze or pick a spot, you risk doing further damage by breaking the skin. You may also put too much pressure on an inflamed follicle, causing it to rupture. As a result, infected tissue or waste matter can leak into the healthy surrounding skin making the problem worse.

And when tissue is destroyed, it can’t be replaced; the body will, of course, do its best to repair damage to the skin by producing scar tissue, but the added complication with acne scarring is the likelihood of developing pitted scars.

Make sure you avoid those depressed, reddened marks that can take months to disappear by making sure you learn to resist that temptation and leave your spots alone!