Many people who suffer from stretch marks prefer the winter months because it allows them to stay covered up in layers of clothing. However, summer will always come around, and with it comes the dread about exposing your bikini body on the beach.

There are many ways people prepare for swimsuit season, such as hitting the gym, applying fake tan and using laser hair removal to banish any excess hair. Most people think there isn’t anything you can do about stretch marks, but they would be wrong.

As well as being used to eliminate body and facial hair, laser treatment can also be used to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. There are three stages:

Microdermabrasion – This is where a device is passed over the skin to deliver a controlled flow of fine crystals

Laser therapy – this boosts the collagen in the skin to help it renew itself

Ultrasound treatment – this is generally used to tighten the skin and help it absorb any specialist skincare products that are applied

It may take a few treatments for the full effect to be seen, so make sure you plan well ahead of your summer holiday.