Banish thread veins with laser treatment

Posted on 04 Aug, 2011

Many people suffer from thread veins, although most are likely to try and hide them away from public view. Not to be confused with varicose veins, which are blue and lumpy, thread veins manifest themselves as thin blue or red lines in the skin. Their appearance means they are sometimes known as spider veins, and they are in no way harmful.

The problem they cause is cosmetic, as those who have them tend to find them unsightly. They can have different causes. Some women develop them during pregnancy, and the problem may worsen with subsequent pregnancies. People can be more likely to have spider veins if their parents had them too. Skin damage from exposure to radiation or the sun can also be responsible for the dilation of these veins.

Thread vein removal is possible, however, thanks to a non-invasive and safe form of laser treatment. As the problem is caused by dilated veins showing through the surface of the skin, the laser treatment aims to denature the vessel so it no longer carries blood.

This is achieved by using the laser to heat the blood within the vessel, causing it to coagulate and the vessel to collapse.