Have you noticed a few dark spots on your face lately? Do you think that your skin has started to age prematurely? If your skin is making you look much older than you are, then your problem is pigmentation.
What is pigmentation and how is it caused?

Pigmentation refers to either the darkening or lightening of the skin, where dark spots begin to form on the skin, making you look older. The smoothness of your skin becomes marked by wrinkles. This happens because the skin produces either too little or too much melanin, a class of compounds which block the harmful rays of the sun from damaging the skin. There are two types of pigmentation; hormonal pigmentation and photomelanosis.

Continuous exposure to the sun weakens your skin so that dark spots and wrinkles can begin to form. Using a good sunscreen lotion can help to avoid this type of premature ageing. Apart from harmful UV rays, smoking can also cause damage to the skin. By quitting smoking, you can reduce the chances of this happening.

If you face the problem of pigmentation, undergoing laser treatment is a good option as it will help you to regain your smooth and beautiful skin. Be prepared to look young again with the help of laser treatment.