Everybody wants to look beautiful. Until a few years ago, the concept of beauty was generally synonymous with women but in the last few years, men have also started to take care with their appearance and in particular, their skin. Both men and women occasionally worry over marks and imperfections on their skin.

Stretch marks are one of the most problematic and unavoidable examples of this kind of imperfection. They are caused due to excessive stretching in the skin and can cause great insecurity amongst many people. It is a myth that only women get stretch marks; both men and women can suffer with this condition. Whenever a person puts on or loses weight quickly, stretch marks can form on the hips, thighs, breasts, arms and on the abdomen. This is a big problem for pregnant women in particular.

People who lose or gain weight rapidly will often get stretch marks. These marks are similar to cracks made from scar tissue, and are actually signs of damage to the connective skin tissue.

There are many treatments in the market you can try, some are even affordable than others. There are various creams available to help you to get rid of these unsightly marks, but they are not always very effective and do not always remove the marks completely. Therefore, laser treatment is the best option and is commonly used by many people. This treatment helps to remove the marks completely and prevents any marks from reoccurring in the future.