Be thankful for laser tattoo removal

Posted on 29 Jun, 2011

The removal of permanent tattoos is not an easy process, and even with the most technologically advanced laser tattoo removal treatments, the process will involve several sessions depending on the colours used and the depth of the pigments in the skin, as well as the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Be thankful, however, because the laser treatment of today is safer, less painful, more effective and less scary than some removal treatments previously on offer:

• Injections of pigeon poo, lime, garlic or wine (which sounds excruciatingly painful)
• Salabrasion, which involves scrubbing the skin with salt
• Dermabrasion, which involves removing the affected layers of skin
• Some large tattoos can still be removed by excising the design and then performing a skin graft…

While laser tattoo removal can require repeated visits, the procedure is markedly less hit-and-miss than some of the treatments above. The laser energy acts directly on the ink pigments within the skin, breaking them down into particles the body can disperse and absorb. Results are also more consistently effective, although some pigments remain difficult to remove, such as green and yellow inks.