David Beckham has revealed yet another tattoo to add to his ever-growing collection. Most of his tattoos represent either important memories or the people he holds dear, and this one is no exception.

He has had the name of his new-born daughter, Harper, inked onto his collar bone. This new tattoo is just above another showing Jesus being carried by three cherubs, who are said to represent the footballer’s three sons.

While David Beckham is unlikely to regret having his children’s names permanently etched onto his skin, it has also become more fashionable in recent years to have a tattoo of a partner’s name. Unfortunately, love affairs do not always last forever, and when they end, a tattoo can be a visible and permanent reminder of the failed relationship.

When this happens, people generally have two options. One involves covering the tattoo with another, larger design. Several celebrities have gone for this option, and if you have a design in mind you are sure you will want to keep forever, then it could work for you too.

If this isn’t possible, however, you will need to consider tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is most effective, as it breaks up the pigment held in the skin and allows it to disperse, and the tattoo gradually fades away.