Laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods of removing unwanted hair from your body. This is because the laser hair removal method offers a lot of advantages. Basically, laser hair removal treatment works with the help of powerful beams of light which target and then penetrate the hair follicles in the skin.

These lasers destroy the hair follicles which are present under the surface of the skin. For this treatment, different types of lasers are used on various kinds of skin and hair. The best results are seen on light coloured skin which has dark hair. If you are planning to go for laser treatment then you need to know that it may take six to 12 sessions.

Here are some of the advantages of laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal helps in permanent removal of unwanted body hair. According to statistics, 65% to 95% of the treated hair is permanently cleared after 6 months of treatment. Laser hair removal is one of the fastest methods, as it helps in removing the unwanted hair from the body in a short space of time.

The process of removing hair from the body is virtually painless. Although in some of the cases, patients may experience a bit of discomfort it is much less than other hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving and electrolysis. If you cannot tolerate unwanted hair on the body then go for laser hair removal.