Shaving is supposed to be easy. When you see it on advertisements it looks like the razor simply glides along the skin, leaving a smooth, hairless, good-looking person behind. However, this is not always the case. Many people who shave are left with sensitive to touch skins with evident breakouts and rashes.

The issues can even get so bad that men who suffer rashes and burns may prefer to grow a beard while women may end up spending most of their lives in trousers or longer length skirts that cover the hairs on their legs and arms. However, there are many other factors that may force people to shave as in the case of military jobs, where they are required to shave on daily basis, some societal norms that favour hairless legs and arms for women and working industries such as hospitality.
What are shaving burns and rashes caused by?
A burn is a mild irritation on shaved skin that may be caused by inadequate shaving lubricant or shaving using a dull razor. Razor burn may occur as a result of sweat and chemicals, fragrances and deodorant that may be present in lotions, coming into contact with the very tiny cuts created on the skin while shaving. Symptoms of burns begin as soon as five minutes after shaving. The burns may be mild and disappear on their own within a timespan of a few hours. However, some cases may be severe, causing discomfort for several days.

Shaving rashes or razor bumps are small reddish painful bumps on recently shaved skin caused by hair growing back causing ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair is a result of the tip of the hair retracting and curling in the hair follicle after a cut, which then starts to grow. This condition is more severe in men especially those whose hair is curly, but can be found in women too.

Despite the fact that these two conditions can be reduced by dos and don’ts such as being gentle, stretching skin while shaving, using lubricants and avoiding products that contain alcohol and other strong harsh ingredients, there are several skin friendly products that can be used to treat rashes and burns. These include:

•Deep Sea Cleanse. Deep Sea Cleanse is important for shaving as it exfoliates the dead has particles that allows you to shave the skin gently without scratching and aids cell regeneration.
•Marine Boost Super Serum. This is a creamy super serum which moisturises the replenishes damaged skin by enhancing regeneration of tissues and tightening of the skin. This product also acts as a shaving balm and helps on rashes, scars and razor burn prevention and has a calming effect on the skin.

However, for many people suffering reactions to shaving, it is a good idea to consider laser hair removal, as this will do away with the need to shave, allowing someone who has suffered badly with shaving rashes or burns to be free of the razor forever. If you’d like to know more about laser hair removal, just take a look at our webpage, which will tell you all about how you could benefit.