Although, in the UK, the sun is something that people get excited about and would quite happily bask in its rays all day long, we’re all too aware that it’s no good for our skin. Everyone knows that good skin care products and sunscreen is essential. Sometimes, you skin needs a little more to accompany your sunscreen and ensure your skin stays protected throughout the day.


The skin on your lips is particularly delicate, which means that it’s really easy to damage. When damaged by the sun, the skin can blister, crack and chap. You’d never even consider about going out without protecting your face and body, so there’s no reason to neglect your lips. There are plenty of lip balms and treatments out there with a high level SPF rating. Before heading out to enjoy the sun, make sure you protect your pout and continue to do so throughout the day.

Keep cool

When the sun’s out and the weather’s great, it’s easy for you and your skin to dehydrate. Not only is this not a good look, it’s extremely bad for your skin. As well as reapplying your sunscreen, a face and body mist is a great little treasure to keep in your bag. Spritz your face throughout the day and your skin will remain cool and hydrated.

Nose powder

The reapplication of sunscreen doesn’t stop people putting make-up on before heading out. However, there’s little more annoying than having to wash your face and then reapply your make-up when you need to top up on sunscreen. There’s a lot of make-up out there nowadays –especially mineral make-up – that contains a high sun protection factor, some being as high as SPF 50. It’s worth carrying something like this around to touch up on protection when you can’t find somewhere to reapply sunscreen and your make-up.


During the summer you want soft supple skin, and the best way to achieve this is by scrubbing the dry skin before showering. There are loads of exfoliators out there so make sure you choose a good skin care product, one to ensure smooth skin and optimum protection.