Birthmark removal

Posted on 02 Mar, 2012

While most types of birthmark are fairly common and usually do not indicate a more serious underlying issue, they can cause problems for those that are affected.

Birthmarks commonly appear on the face and can be very noticeable, particularly in the case of port wine stains. This can create difficulties for children as they grow and become aware of the reactions of those around them. Relationships at school can be especially difficult and some people struggle with their self-confidence as a direct result of their birth mark.

Specialist make up can help to conceal birthmarks, although this may not be the most practical option where children are concerned; make up can rub off and can be difficult to apply correctly. Birthmark removal using IPL offers another, more long-term solution.

The light energy targets either the excess pigmentation or blood vessels contained in the skin, causing them to heat up. As a result, the pigments break down and dilated blood vessels are destroyed. Once a course of treatment has been completed, the marks fade away, leaving an even skin tone behind and a new-found self-confidence.