Pigmented and vascular birthmarks are all treated in the same way at The Laser Treatment Clinic. Advanced Intense Pulsed Light is applied to the marks to cause them to fade away.

Before beginning the procedure, a cold gel is applied to the skin. The Intense Pulsed Light is then used to expose the lesions or birthmarks to very short bursts of intense light. The treatment is fast, with an area of skin of approximately two square inches taking as little as ten seconds to treat.

The light energy is absorbed by either the haemoglobin in the vascular birthmark, or the excess pigmentation in the pigmented birthmark and it begins to heat up. Once the temperature reaches 60-70°C, the excess blood vessels collapse and disintegrate, or the excess pigmentation breaks up into much smaller fragments.

The body is then able to absorb and remove these fragments, and although the birthmark may initially look a little darker, it generally starts to peel or fade away within two weeks of the birthmark removal treatment.

Birthmark removal treatment is always adapted to individual cases and needs, and so the length and number of treatments needed varies from individual to individual.