Boost Your Confidence This Summer With Acne Laser Treatment

Posted on 12 Sep, 2017

With summer well underway and many of us still hopefully jetting off somewhere warm for a couple of days, it is the season of beautiful skin and showing it off. If you have acne on your face, neck, back or chest, you might feel like you want to cover up rather than get your swimsuit on. Here at The Laser Treatment Clinic we have the perfect treatment which can boost your confidence, make you feel great on holiday and leave you with lasting results.

When Does Acne Occur?

Acne is the results of bacteria in your skin enlarging and obstructing your glands.

There are many reasons why spots for on your skin including having acne in the family. If your parents had acne then it is likely that you may also develop it. Studies have even shown that if both parents have acne at an early age you are more likely to get severe acne.

Among a range of other reasons acne can also be caused by a hormone in balance. For females periods, pregnancy and polycystic ovary syndrome can all impact on their skin.

Testosterone is also known to trigger acne when there are increased levels within the body. This can affect both males and females.

This can sometimes cause painful and unsightly spots or cysts to appear on the body. This can not only cause you pain and discomfort but knock your confidence in the meantime.

What Is An Acne Laser Treatment?

Our advanced acne treatment at our Harley Street Clinic is performed by professionally trained staff. Using a cutting edge Acne Laser Marine Fluid Treatment, it is an extremely popular treatment that is proven to clear skin.

Contact us today to find out more. Dependent on the severity of your acne, our treatments can work over a course of 6-12 weeks and are tailor made to accommodate for any skin type and tone. Our team are fully trained to deal with any skin type including Asian and Afro-Caribbean.
For beautiful clearer looking skin, visit The Laser Treatment Clinic for Acne Laser Treatment today.