Can I have laser treatment if I have sensitive skin?

Posted on 04 Aug, 2012

Laser treatment is known to be an effective treatment for all kinds of skin complaints, from pigmentation problems and acne scars to thread veins and birthmarks. It is suitable for most skin types, although if you have very sensitive skin, you may be wondering – is laser treatment safe for me?

Pre-treatment consultation

Laser treatment should be tailored to you. This means that before your treatment, the specialists at the clinic should hold an in-depth consultation with you to find out whether you have sensitive skin or any other medical complaints. With the information you provide and the tests they carry out, the treatment can be adjusted so that it is safe and suitable for your skin.

Post-treatment creams and lotions

If anything will irritate your sensitive skin, it will be the lotions or creams that are applied after the treatment rather than the laser itself. Make sure that clinic staff give you products that are designed for sensitive skin, and don’t use anything that is not specifically recommended.

Broken skin

Laser treatment should never be carried out on broken or inflamed skin, so make sure you tell the clinic of any problems before your treatment.