There are two main types of tattoo – amateur tattoos done using Indian ink, and professional tattoos in either a single colour or a multi-coloured design.

Many people choose to have colours such as blue, red and green included in their tattoos, mainly because it allows a wider range of different and more creative designs to be produced. However, these people often find that tattoo removal is more difficult when there are colours in the design, and in some cases, it is impossible to get rid of all parts of the tattoo completely.

The good news for those who are having second thoughts about their multi-coloured tattoos is that tattoo removal technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and there is much more than can be done to eradicate colourful tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal treatment is the only suitable option for removing multi-colour inkings. Single-colour tattoos generally present no problem, whilst blues and reds may require more treatments to completely disappear. If your tattoo has purples, yellows or greens, however, you should consult a laser tattoo removal expert to find out how many more treatments you may need.