Laser treatment for dark skin aims to remove all visible signs of pigmentation scars and uneven skin tone. These pigmented scars are patches that are caused due to an increase in production of melanin.

Melanin is a skin pigment that determines your skin colour. The more melanin in your skin, the darker your skin becomes. Pigmented scars can develop on dark skin if it gets affected by skin ailments such as acne, cuts, scars or scratches. These spots are more prominent than the surrounding skin and due to this, they are clearly visible.

Strong harsh products which are used for acne controlling or skin lightening can also cause damage to such skin. If these products are used on your face or body they might leave you with pigmented scars and an uneven skin tone. Under such conditions, exposure to sun and age will only make the problem worse.

How is laser treatment for dark skin performed?

It starts off with the application of a cold gel to the affected area. Then a sapphire crystal waveguide is used to pulse light on the affected skin. Your whole face can be treated in as little as 20 minutes. You will not feel any irritation or discomfort. Laser treatment for dark skin is an extremely fast and effective procedure.