The causes of thread veins are multiple and complex, and it is very difficult to determine one particular cause when they appear. Certain contributory factors have been established, however, and prevention involves controlling these factors where possible.

Here’s how you can try to limit the development of thread veins:

• Avoid the sun. Make sure you cover up or use a high-factor sun block.
• Avoid exposing your skin to extremes of temperature. Dilation of blood vessels leads to flushing and can result in thread veins.
• Eat well. Certain vitamins and antioxidants are essential to good skin health, strengthening capillaries and the production of collagen.
• Avoid sitting or standing for excessively long periods of time. If you can’t avoid it, then try wearing compression stockings to lower the blood pressure in your legs.

You can certainly limit the appearance of thread veins by taking care to reduce or remove those causal factors, but don’t expect miracles.

Some factors will be beyond your control: hormonal changes and the ageing process can also play a role. So, while you can help to reduce the risk of thread veins, you cannot eliminate it.

Thread vein removal treatments can be very effective, however. So, with a dual approach of prevention and laser treatment, you will be able to step out with confidence and without thread veins!