Celebrities and their fascination with laser treatment

Posted on 21 Jul, 2010

Being a celebrity comes with its own baggage. Once you are in the public eye, each and every minute detail is captured and shown to the entire world. Be it your small scar or a strand of unwanted hair, the paparazzi never miss anything. So it’s no wonder celebrities happily embrace any new surgery or medical procedure that promises to make them look even more beautiful.

Augment their appearance
In a quest to enhance their beauty amidst cut-throat competition, more and more celebrities are going for laser treatment to remove unwanted body hair or an unpleasant mark on their face or body. Whilst some of them don’t shout about the fact that they have opted for laser treatment, some are openly praise this surgery for making them glow.

Why do they do it?
Understanding the growing popularity of laser treatments among celebrities isn’t rocket science. In an era of worldwide exposure, celebrities are aware that any fashion blunder or bad hair day can be instantly seen all around the world via the internet. This has led to many of them consulting laser hair removal experts. Laser treatments can offer many cosmetic adjustments with procedures like acne treatment, stretch mark removal and pigmentation treatment.

Who has done it?
Alyssa Milano had admitted that she resorted to laser treatment for permanent hair removal. She had dark hair which is ideal for laser hair removal treatment. However latest technologies has made it possible to treat blonde hair with the same effectiveness.

In the past, laser treatment was considered to be within reach of only the rich and famous. However, newer technologies being introduced have led to a significant drop in prices.