Celebrity Tattoos

Posted on 28 Dec, 2011

Zac Effron is the latest star to join the ranks of those who feel the need to have a tattoo. He has chosen to have the tattoo in a rather visible place: along the outer side of his palm of his right hand. The tattoo is rather simple; this is no portrait of a Hollywood legend or wise proverb in Sanscrit. This tattoo reads YOLO.

It is thought to signify ‘You Only Live Once’, and although it is rather discreet in size, it reflects the continuing trend of using tattoos to impart some truth or message about ourselves. Rather than using the ink for medical or religious purposes, or even to display allegiance to a certain belief or group, tattoos nowadays seem to have taken on a different significance.

They are used to offer an insight into the character of the person they adorn, or a comment on what is important to an individual. For some, they are simply accessories, chosen for a certain aesthetic. And the problem comes from this motivation. Our likes and dislikes, and even personalities can change over time. What seemed important in our teens is no longer when we hit adulthood.

Tattoos can become an embarrassment and at times, even a social barrier. Luckily, tattoo removal treatment can make unwanted tattoos to fade away.