When you suffer from excess hair growth, whether on the face or on the body, it can be difficult to find a solution that offers good results and is practical.

• Shaving has long been the most popular hair removal method for both men and women, despite the fact that it is flawed as a method. Shaving simply cuts the hair level to the surface of the skin; the hair is still growing and stubble will appear even just a few hours after shaving has taken place. Using a razor can also be difficult on hard-to-reach areas, increasing the risk of cuts and scarring.

• Waxing offers a longer-term solution, as it rips the hairs out by the roots. It takes the hair a while to grow back, which means waxing only needs to be repeated every two to four weeks. Again, it may be necessary to book regular treatments with a professional in order to guarantee good results; if carried out incorrectly, waxing can cause the hairs to grow back beneath the surface of the skin. This can cause discomfort and even scarring if the hair follicle becomes inflamed or infected.